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Segway miniPRO for Sale A Segway miniPRO Robot in action Segway miniPRO in Black and White

The new Segway miniPRO

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From $1,595.00 NZD (incl GST)

This machine is no toy - Segway are selling a version of it as an open-source robotic platform (which is how come you can drive the std miniPRO around with your cell phone, with no rider!).

Its a remarkable step forward in affordable, lightweight personal transportation.

Despite its small wheels (compared with a Segway PT) it is also surprisingly easy to ride over grass, gravel and generally rougher surfaces.

Coupled with a full 12 month warranty, and an incredibly sharp price of just $1595.00 including GST, this is personal transportation as it should be in 2017 - hands free, lightweight, powerful, very affordable and seriously good FUN!


Hands Free operation

Weighs less than 13kg, its light enough to pickup with one hand

Small enough, even without detaching the quick-release leansteer, to fit in the boot or back seat

Up to 25km per charge

Up to 17kph (can be speed limited)

White front lights come on automatically when dark

Climbs steep hills

Self balancing even when stopped with no rider, making it easy to mount / dismount hands free


Automatic turn signals, stop lights, colour cycling rear lights configured to your liking via your smartphone

Readout of speed, battery charge, etc on the phone

Lock the machine via phone