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Blokarting along a beach in Christchurch


We are a Christchurch Blokart dealer

"For thousands of years, restless winds propelled the ships of explorers and merchants to all corners of the globe. Now, thanks to the Blokart land yacht, those winds been harnessed for a more noble pursuit – having fun".

– Popular Mechanics May 2006.

10,000 Sold Worldwide – Order yours now!

The video below features Paul Beckett (Blokart Founder) who tells the story of Blokart to Barry Emms.

Blokart Models

"Pro" Blokart

The Pro V3 Blokart

If you want nothing the best, the Pro is for you. With polished stainless steel keeping maintenance to a minimum, because the Pro is almost corrosion proof. The Pro includes high spec. stainless steel fittings and a brushed finish floor pan.

Pro's are supplied with a 3m, 4m or 5.5m sail (5 colour options available) with a fibreglass, Carbon or Ultra Carbon mast.

Chassis Including mast base, keel, backrest, struts – 100% Stainless Steel

Chassis Components – Brushed Stainless Steel

Chassis finishing process – 100% Polished Stainless Steel

Hardware, pulley blocks and down haul – Ronstan® Ball Bearing Blocks. ClamClet® Down Haul

Floor material – Heavy Duty Aluminum

Standard Sail size and color – 3.0m and/or 4.0m and/or 5.5m (5 colors incl Black)

Enjoy Blokarts with your friends

Blokart Accessories

The Shadow Blokart accessory

The Shadow

Convert your blokart into a dynamic two-seater in minutes. The Shadow is great for training kids, carrying friends/family, or stashing gear for a long run up the coast.

The Pod Attachment for your Blokart

The Pod

Turns your kart into a stylish, all-weather racing machine. Dust, dirt, sand, rain and wind chill are no longer an excuse to stay at home. Reduced drag, improved performance, increased comfort and advanced style.

The Deuce

The Deuce

Connects two karts together for team sailing fun – higher speeds and better performance. Great for sail training as the person in the second blokart doesn’t need to control a handle bar. You can even use the second blokart without a sail.

Ultra Carbon Blokart Kit

Ultra Carbon Kit

With a 900g carbon wrap over fiberglass the Full carbon mast sections are stiffer and offer improved performance. The Ultra Carbon set (two lower mast sections) were originally designed for the 5.5m sail and now also used in the Performance Class to stiffen the smaller sails also. Talk to us about the best combination of Carbon Mast for you.

Blokart Mast Accessory

Mast Protectors

Protects the Mast Sleeve from rips and tears when you tip on the abrasive Tarmac At Wigram.

Blokart Footbar Extension

Footbar Extension

This clever device allows those with long legs to fit comfortably in a blokart. If you’re 6-7ft tall this accessory keeps the cramps away, and lets you stretch out. Being vertically challenged is now no barrier.

Windicator Accessory


Shows which way which way the apparent wind is going. Helps you go faster than the speed of the wind!

The Mast Crane

The Mast Crane

The Mast Crane gives a performance edge, the mast crane keeps your mast pocket loose enabling the sail to switch tacks and transition smoothly.

Ultra Downhaul Add On

Ultra Downhaul

The performance downhaul allows you to tweak the tension of your sail.

Big Fork

The Big Fork (Rear Wheel on Front)

Performance sailors like the Big Foot option as it offers more grip when tacking into strong wind.

Blokart Helmet for Safety

Blokart Helmet

Available in matte grey or matte black, your brain now has all the protection it needs.

Blokart Gloves for protecting your hands

Blokart Gloves

Made of neoprene and synthetic leather.Gloves have fingerless index and thumb.

Please contact us for any questions you may have about the above accessories, let us help decide what is right for you.

Blokart Demo at Wigram Airbase

Blokart Demo

Come to Wigram Airbase any Sunday

Are you interested in buying a Blokart? Need a Demo to make up your mind?

Join in with the Canterbury Blokart Club for a taste of the sport.

The Urbanwheels blokart will be available for a free demo!

If the blokart sport has always been on your "Bucket List" don't delay, come out Sunday and have a go.

This is a sport for the whole family, and to demonstrate this we have a fun blokart accessory for you to try - the blokart "Shadow" sidecar that enables Dad or Mum to take one of the kids for a blast too!

So as you can now see finally there is a SPORT for the whole family.

Canterbury Blokart Club

Canterbury Blokart Club

View the website –

Permission was gained to use Wigram as a venue in March 2009. We use the facilities at Wigram courtesy of the Wigram Airforce Museum.

The Club always meets Sundays at Wigram – 12pm onwards.

Other venues are South Brighton Beach, and Lake Ellesmere.

Activities involve racing & recreational Blokarting. Visitors and those wanting to try the sport are welcome to visit.

The Club owns a blokart and it is available to book at $25 per half hour. To book contact the Club Secretary

Simply email our Club Secretary –

The season is all year round.